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Meet The Owner- Chef Vickie

Hi everyone! My name is Vickie Caldwell-Fordham. As you can see, I am the owner/founder of Chef Mom's Table. My passion for food goes a long way! I've been cooking since I could remember, and even when I tried to quit, God wouldn't allow it. Welp! Back to cooking, I go, huh? lol

 I became a single mother in 2011. In 2013, I married the love of my life and birthed my beautiful baby girl. During this time, I was in culinary school (for the 2nd time) full time, along with working for a few assisted living facilities, as one of their cooks. In that same year, I graduated from culinary school and birthed my 3rd and last child. 

While working for these companies, I noticed that I was always one of the hardest workers. I was never fulfilled and I missed my children immensely. Because I went to school full time and worked part time, I barely spent enough quality time with my children. So, in 2018, I decided to start my own catering business, TrebleClef Catering LLC. Few months later, I decided to do business as "Chef Mom's Table". 

Chef Mom's Table is a personal chef and catering service, that specializes in "Upscale Southern Cuisine". Helping to create long-lasting memories for families/friends are a big deal for us. We pride ourselves on providing great food; but also great customer service.



  • Catering Services

    Chef Vickie provides various catering services, such as birthdays, corporate lunches, holiday dinners, baby/bridal showers and repasts.

    Rate: Catering Services begins at $500, in addition to the cost of groceries and supplies. (sales tax are also additional.)

    Service fees vary, based on the number of guests.

  • Private Dining Services

    Private dining services are PERFECT for intimate gatherings with family/friends and couples night! Life is so short, and moments with your family/friends matter.

    Rate: Dinner for 2 begins at $500 (service charges & sales tax are additional)

    Rate: Small Gatherings (up to 12 guests) begins at $45/ per guest. Rates vary, depending on menu selections. (service charges & sales tax are additional)

  • Meal Prep Services

    Meal prep service is perfect for busy families. Chef Vickie customizes each client’s menu to compliment their dietary needs/goals.

    Meal prep services can either be prepared on-site, in the client’s home or off-site and delivered to the client.

    Rate: Meal Prep Services begins at $200, in addition to the cost of groceries. (sales tax are also additional.)

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