Meet The Owner- Chef Vickie

Hi everyone! My name is Vickie Caldwell-Fordham. As you can see, I am the owner/founder of Chef Mom's Table. My passion for food goes a long way! I've been cooking since I could remember, and even when I tried to quit, God wouldn't allow it. Welp! Back to cooking, I go, huh? lol

 I became a single mother in 2011. In 2013, I married the love of my life. 2 years later, I birthed my beautiful baby girl. During this time, I was in culinary school (for the 2nd time) full time. I've also worked with a few assisted living facilities, as one of their main cooks. A year later, I graduated from culinary school and birthed my 3rd and last child. 

While working for these companies, I noticed that I was always one of the hardest workers. I was never fulfilled and I missed my children immensely. Because I went to school full time and worked part time, I barely spent enough quality time with my children. So, in 2018, I decided to start my own catering business, TrebleClef Catering LLC. A few months later, I decided to do business as "Chef Mom's Table". 

Chef Mom's Table is a personal chef business, that provides convenient products + services to busy mothers. We understand that mothers are extremely overwhelmed and have no idea what to prepare for dinner. Allow Chef Mom's Table to be the solution to your problem. 



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